Our Quality Policy

As a company operating in the logistics sector, Lanes Lojistik ve Ticaret A.Ş. aims to provide high quality services to its customers. Accordingly, it adopts the following fundamental principles:

Customer Satisfaction: We adopt a customer-focused approach and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. We strive to understand customer needs, meet their expectations and add value to them.

Customer Communication and Feedback: We regularly communicate to strengthen customer relationships. We take customer feedbacks into consideration and continuously measure customer satisfaction. We take corrective and preventive actions to increase customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement: We continuously review and analyze our business processes and seek opportunities for improvement. To achieve our quality targets, we continuously improve ourselves and adopt an innovative approach.

Compliance with Quality Standards: We ensure full compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard and continuously improve our Quality Management System. We provide confidence to customers by complying with the applicable legal regulations and relevant standards.

Productivity and Efficiency: We manage our business processes productively and efficiently. We use resources accurately, optimize processes and aim for operational excellence.

Employee Development and Participation: We provide our employees with training and development opportunities to improve their capabilities. We encourage the participation of employees, assess their ideas and involve them in business processes.

Business Ethical Values: It is important to act in accordance with ethical values and to adhere to the principles of honesty, transparency and reliability. We are committed to acting honestly and fairly towards our customers and all our stakeholders.

Risk Management: We identify and analyze the risks in our business processes and implement efficient risk management policies and procedures. We continuously conduct risk assessments to minimize customer and operational risks.

As Lanes Lojistik ve Ticaret A.Ş.; we are committed to adopting and implementing the ISO 9001 quality policy. We strive to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to maintain continuous improvement, to comply with quality standards, to achieve productivity and efficiency goals, to support employee development and to adhere to business ethical values.

This policy represents the Quality Management System of Lanes Lojistik ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, and constitutes the common commitment of all our employees and stakeholders. We continuously review and update our quality policy to provide high quality services to our customers.

While this quality policy presents a framework that must be obeyed by all our employees, it also serves as a guide to help us build robust and long-term relationships with our customers.


Our Quality Policy